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  1. cdi?

    common guys any help????
  2. cdi?

    hey guys my rm 250 has been acting up lately.. for a hwile now sometimes it would just die and not start back up then i just unconnect the cdi box and reconect it and ti works perfect until it happens again but just the other day i was driving and shut it oiff thne when i started it back up and...
  3. Rear Tire

    if u r riding different terrain dont get kenda!!!!.. i had a millville and it was good until i got in some rocks and it chunked to ****... they r garbage.. my friend has a new southwick and it already faling apart. i have a metzler and ride everything from roads, sand, hard pack , and rock and...
  4. 04 Yz 125

    please do post the link.. does anyone know if the crank from an 01 would be the same???
  5. 04 Yz 125

    Does anyone know if there is other compatable years for the crank in my YZ 125 and what are they worth new?
  6. Couple of problems.....

    for the oil drain bolt i would just geta bigger one and tap it.. the clutch cover replace the bolt and either put a new gasket in it or rubber seal what evers in it or if u ahve to put high heat silicone in it... my bike used to have what sounded like a rattle and it was broked fibre plates int...
  7. slipping clutch

    if the bike was on a hill then it was probably the motor turning over that allowed u to roll over and as for the clutch grabbing when disengaged this is commmon... my RM used to do it. it is caused by the clutch basket being worn out. after time the fiber plates will dgi grooves into the basket...
  8. Synthetic or Castor Premix Help

    i run motul 800 2t in my rm. its expensive as hell here 20$ a quart but i have tryed other oil such as belray and fouled a plug in 1 ride.. i mix at 50:1 and all i'll use is motul.
  9. jetting problems???

    ok guys or girls my rm seems to have lots of power at the bottom end but at about 1/4 throttle it seems liek its wide open and i can give it abotu half throttle then jam on it and it dosnt seem like ti really revs much higher and it dosnt pull any harder.. a friend told me that because i didnt...
  10. 2002 RM125 Clutch issues! Please help!!

    my rm 250 did the exact same thing all last year and when i pulled it apart in winter i found that 2 clutch plates were broken and thye were worn out.. just by replacing the fiber plates it made the clutch perform much more smoothly and it felt stronger. then i bought a hinson clutch basket on...
  11. 1996 yz125 problem

    id say u def. have carbeurator problems.
  12. side cover oil for cr250

    i like to use a 2 stroke gearbox oil myself.. u have to be careful if u use a motor oil because alot of oils have additives in them which can make the wet clutch slip.
  13. YZ250 2-stroke hard to kick start (for me at least)

    good stuff.. no one can strat my bike but i get it first kick everytime.. just technique
  14. gas mix ratio

    My rm also has an fmf fatty pipe with shorty silencer if i was to follow thier suggested jetting specs should i go back to the 32:1 mix.. does anyone know if there suggested specs r good i live in NS canada int he valley so im pretty much at sea level.
  15. gas mix ratio

    hey guys... im pretty sure he must of jetted it to run like that because he knows what hes doing i still tlak to him sometimes.. he did the top end every 3 quarts of oil. gave me a bunch of pistons to prove it. what do u have to change in the jetting to run it that lean.. do u make the main jet...
  16. gas mix ratio

    Hey when i bought my Rm 250 the guy i bought it off mixed it at 50:1 and i have been mixing it at that with no problems but everyone says 32:1 and the book says 32:1. did he do somehting to it so it would run fine at such a lean mix without burning up or what??
  17. Premix oil

    motul 800 2t is the only oil i use but any good names with full synthetic oil should work great (amsoil, belray). dont cheap out its the life of your bike.
  18. Front sprocket

    the front sprocket on my 01 rm 250 is wobbly but its because the drive shaft teeth r wearing out.. they wear easily. dont know if thats what it might be
  19. Old nubee needs some help.

    if u dont mind a litle age i would go for an early to mid 90's dr 350 plenty of power to keep up to 80-100 but if ya got the money i would consider drz 400 or kdx 250 or 400.. i think thye made a 400??
  20. fork oil?

    oil i weigh 188lbs and i ride a bit of everything... motocross, trails, pits
  21. fork oil?

    hey guys im replacing the fork seals on my 2001 rm 250 and i was curious what weight of oil i should use and what kinds u would suggest.. i beleive i saw belray fork oil at the local dealer with sever different weights.
  22. yoshimura yz250f

    srry for the spelling mistakes :P
  23. yoshimura yz250f

    hey guys my buddy just got a yoshimura slipon with a sparkarrstor forhis 05 yz 250f and was wondering if if taking the spark arrestor out would effect the performance of the bike.. will it add power or lose power?
  24. rm 250

    i was riding at the track and nearing the end of the day by bike wouldnt stay in neutral.. i could hold the shifter up in neutral but as soon as u let go the bike pops back into 1st gear and also in 5th gear if u het the gas it will pop back out into 4th gear... i took the tranny to a local...