Is Motocross in the USA a thing of the past?

Jun 14, 2019
Its funny, since 2000 all of the fun hobbies seems to be falling off. People sit in front of video game consouls or cell phones and waste their life away thinking "Am I missing something"?. Well, when I was a youngin, I hung out with my buddies, dirt bikeing, hunting, fishing, hot rodding, chasing broads, youname it we did it. I think we need to focus more on affordable dirt bikes. Good quality, inexpensive bikes for all. I wont lie, everybody wants a high dollar Supercross machine to be like their moto heros. But if they could make a series of inexpensive moto-x races, and inexpensive dirt bikes, then more youngins will own them. I would love to see ATK style bikes, or early 80s big 4 air cooled 2 strokes. No power valves, no radiators, just air cooled fun! 93-406mx.gif Would be nice...
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