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What follows is a series of product test/reviews performed by real-world off-road enthusiasts, from weekend warriors to backyard trail blazers. Unlike the typical SoCal Pro Rider review, our goal is to provide detailed information about each of the products and what they are like to live with in the long run. We all can't afford to buy the latest and greatest products released each month; our objective is to give you the facts and our honest opinions allowing you to make a more informed purchase decision.

  "got off the bike going about 7 miles per hour and POP! the ACL was history"
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   We're trash testing the leading boots, a full season review.
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Pro Taper SE Bars ... Innovation in Handlebars?
Review "Rooster" (Bruce Flickinger)
"I never really thought that bars could make any difference, but I was obviously wrong."
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Gear For Girls From MSR!
DRN Member "Squeeky" reviews the latest in MSR's "Girl's" line of gear.

" These pants are the first women’s pants I have seen with reinforcement on the insides of the legs....:"

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ProMoto Billet "Kick It" Kick Stands
Rich Rohrich reviews the very trick kick stands from PMB. Finally, a quality stand for MX bikes. Come on... you know you've wished for a stand before.

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The RITE-MIX Oil Dispensing Pump is the clean, precise measuring solution to that messy job of mixing oil and gas together for your 2-cycle engine.
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Dirt-Bike-Gear's Ballistic Fender Pack
I think the casual rider and hardcore woods riders will get the most use out of the bag. The motocross riders don't need to carry tools so there will be less interest there. However, one point I want to bring up is that .... [ Read The Review ]

A Dot/Snell, Kevlar/Fiberglass Composite, vented, quality lid for $199.00 ?
[ Read the Review by Truespode with comments by Okie ]

If I could wrap my son in titanium, and he could still ride and be reasonably comfortable, I’d be all over it regardless of the cost. Back protection is taken very seriously in Europe for both pavement and dirt riders, especially so in Sweden. Hence, the AP Back Guard is a product from this fair land that meets the requirements set by the government.

[ Dave "oldguy" Hollub's Review ] [ Pat "Patman" Poel's Review ]
eRider Solid Rear Brake Rotor
DRN Member "TexKDX" Reviews Trick Rotor For KTM
"My first impression upon opening the package was WOW - what a quality-looking part."
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eRider Hydraulic Clutch Kit
DRN Moderator "Patman" reviews the eRider Juice Clutch
Opening the bag reveals a completely assembled perch / master / hose / slave assembly pre-bled and ready to go..... [ The Review ]

Fasstco Spoke Torque Wrench
By Will Pattison

Fasst Company 's new Spoke Torque Wrench is modeled after the unobtainable tool that factory motocross and off-road mechanics have been using for years. In fact it is used by the majority of factory and factory support team mechanics.

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