CRF80 Stalled out, Won't start again

Jun 2, 2014
Hi all, my name is Bruce and I'm new to this forum. I ride a Honda CRF80 2007 model which I've had since brand new. From the day I've got it I've had no problems with it until just the other day.

While riding with a few friends, I hit a ramp at low speeds and got a few feet off of the ground. When I landed, I tried to gave my bike some throttle and the engine died out. At first, I thought I had stalled the bike and wasn't worried until I tried to kick start it again. There was pressure, but the bike wouldn't start. It sounded like it would when I'd normally start it except the engine wouldn't get going. I then coast started it down a hill and the engine started up again, but only to stall out within seconds. While it was on for those few seconds I tried to give the bike some fuel but it didn't rev up at all.

My friend and I started working on it this morning in hopes that it was something small and easy to fix. Here is what we did:
`Changed the oil (this was well past due, it was almost black and had some specks of dirt in it)
`Cleaned the air filter (this was also past due, it had some build up on the outer foam)
`Changed the spark plug
`Checked the kill switch wires
`Cleaned the carb with carb cleaning fluid (the excess fluid draining out was a dark brown, while the original fluid was clear with a yellow tint)

The same thing still happens. It won't kick start and when I coast start the bike it dies out within seconds.

*I'd like to note that a few months ago I had removed the baffle off of the exhaust. I hope this isn't the cause and I regret doing so.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I'd really like to get back to riding again so any comments help!
Jun 30, 2014
have you checked your reed valves or put your hand over the intake of the carb to see if its blowing air/fuel out the intake or checked to see what the spark looked like yellow is a weak spark blue is good you should also take a muli meter and see what the voltage coming from the primary coil is (magneto)