How are whoops formed?

Jul 12, 2021
Well. Looks like I'm about 20 years late for this. Grrr, I'm gettn old. So I Just googled "What causes whoops, Dirt Bike/ATV" and I found this thread. I just moved to Florida and got some passes to some OHV parks and they are EVERYWHERE! (dont get me started on the sand)... But I have a theory! As I was riding the whoops, I realized that I was accelerating down (\) to get a lil speed, and up (/) to launch myself off the top. When you think about it, you're just digging that gap wider and deeper with every pass. What's really hard for me to wrap my head around is why the form in the FIRST PLACE! Maybe it just starts with random cracks of the throttle, holes get dug, people ride the holes, do what I said before and patterns emerge. But they're so freaking uniform it's like someone put it there on purpose... Oh, yeah. The Devil... Guess Y'all were right