Problems with my 2000 KX250

Feb 21, 2017
Hi all. Wondering if any body here can provide a bit of enlightenment about this...... So, I took my bike out today and as I pulled in the clutch and went to upshift, my bike died. I kicked it over and it started but as soon as i pulled in the clutch, same thing. This time return I went to kick it over, it felt extremely stiff, almost as if it were seized, in a sense. It was very difficult to kick over a third time but I managed get it to start one more time. This time there was no compression at all and every time I pull in the clutch it dies.
And ideas?
I am being told it may be something with the engine going bad. I hope this is not the case.


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Nov 21, 2000
Did this happen all of the sudden or has there been a steady decrease in power leading up to this? It sounds like you seized it at one time and have lost a lot of compression (would explain if it happened all of the sudden) or it just plain wore out and lost compression (explains a steady decrease in power over time). When was the last time you changed the top end? I'd say you need to tear it down and take a look. Sometimes the steady decrease in power is not that noticeable since it happens slowly.