Rode today...


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Nov 25, 1999
Got a chance to burn some pre-mix at my buddies place. Trails are overall good shape but are getting REALLY green in places. Some of the rock gardens are treacherous! Probably ride again tomorrow if I don't get rained out. A little rain won't be bad though, I could use a bit of fresh mud on the YZ.
Sep 13, 2010
Good to hear some riding is happening, I also got to ride last weekend, took my lady for 2 days of organised dual sport on our DR650. No jumps of course but some fast car rally roads of seal and gravel to connect farms and forestry and even a private access beach. If you follow the WRC we went on all the special stages around Raglan. lots of clay farm tracks and since we have had a dry month the ground was hard as concrete so when it rained Friday and into Saturday it made for a very slimy surface and a series of linked recoveries that lasted for 350 km over the 2 days. Cramming in as many ride days as possible beffore winter kicks in down here. Riding 2 up is a bit likeriding with a half full water tank on the seat, random ballance changes keep you on your toes