Winter riding stuff


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Dec 7, 2008
I have been doing some winter riding lately as YAM7 hooked me up a link to buy 3800 lumen lights for 36 bucks each. 1 on the bike and one on the helmet works great. Other than I am having an issue with one of my batteries dying quickly (I ordered more batteries) this is better than going to the gym and doing stuff I don't like.

I have a few questions that some of you might know and can offer some help.

Is there a trick to keep my rear brake pedal from becoming a glob of ice? I thought about making a guard to keep snow from coming off the front wheel and I seem to have slightly better results if I keep my feet on the pegs and try not to dab my right foot in the snow, but it still eventually becomes ice.

If I have new fresh 6" or so of snow my front brake becomes ineffective as it is loaded with snow. I removed the plastic front disk guard when I got the bike as it retains heat and the KTM's don't even come with one - should I put it back on?

I have been running about 12 LBS in my Trelleborg tires. Is that correct?

A good trick I have to offer is: Put on a pair of latex surgical gloves on under your gloves - makes a huge difference in keeping your hands warm.

Any tips would be great. This site is pretty dead and I thought I put something up.

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Dec 18, 2006
Wear a neck gator also I learned from many years of skiing that a warm head and neck and neck makes for warm hands