Jun 18, 2020
My bike was running a month ago before the piston and rings gave out, when this happened the bike wouldn't kick start unless I push started it, after it giving out ordered a new cylinder and piston kit along with all gaskets for the top end. After putting the piston in with the rings aligned and the cylinder and cylinder head being torqued to correct specs, I noticed that the bike had good compression again. When installing the piston in the cylinder I made sure to lube the cylinder, piston, and rings, with premix. I put a brand new BR8EG spark plug in it, and I reset my carb settings to the factory 1 1/2 for idle and air screw. The bike has spark and very good compression, enough to pop my finger off the spark plug hole when kicking it over. The spark plug sparks enough for me to clearly see it, and my carb have free flowing gas throughout it and has no leaks and is feeding the 2 stroke gas to the cylinder yet there is still no fire, PLEASE HELP.
Bike is a 2002 yz250