Anyone Ride Northeast Mass?

Jul 15, 2015
Posted Today, 03:15 AM


Hi all
I'm from Tewksbury mass and a local riding spot (the state field off east street and the trails off Pinnacle street) is now being patrolled heavily by the EPA, which is too bad-my dad rode there 40+ years ago.

If anyone has riding spots in the Middlesex/Essex county area, post here

I access the rail road tracks by the soccer fields off of north street, but I hate riding up to that pit behind proctor and gamble-you have to go down an access road owned by P&G which is patrolled by their security guards who WILL call the police and have the cops intercept you at the pit (I've had it happen)

Anyone know of any riding near Walmart in Tewksbury? I can trailer sometimes but I'm so close to the RxR tracks that I prefer to ride those-when I trailer to spots I'm always worried about finding a cop waiting at the truck.