Sunday, play day in the pasture


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Nov 25, 1999
Well, I got out and burned some fuel in the dozer and worked over a couple of jumps. I have a stepup that needs some more "belly" in the jump face and/or a bit off of the landing. It is about 25' with a 8-10' change in elevation. Shouldn't take much more work but need some more moisture in the soil. The stepdown I worked over has the landing perfect. The drop is about 15' to the sweet spot and creates a nice floating effect. The jump face is too close and needs a lot of moisture to firm up.
I also worked a section that runs into my creek. There were several boulders that just made using the area impractical so I started my assault breaking them up and pushing them towards the creek. The boulders were 3-400 lbs and about the size of coffee table. I pushed about 8 of them into the creek to create a solid place to cross after a rain. Working on this embankment with the little dozer was a bit nerve racking but I just did things slowly and stayed patient. My little riding area is not really trails or track but more just a mix of 50 yard long creek crossings and jumps. I've got about 50 good lines so far to work with and as I clear limbs I'll create another 50. I hope to have the dozer out again soon to work on a few more assorted obstacles to practice on.
I got my first dinger in a long time today. I went for a fast run up the newly dozed out section from the creek and hit a softball size rock that kicked the front end one way and the back end the other. Nice little razzberry and a bruise to carry with me this week to remind me to ride more often.
mx547, you need to plan to come out and help me with the jump layouts!
Mar 23, 2000
to carry with me this week to remind me to ride more often.
I like that....
Oct 19, 2006
Very nice indeed! I found the truth, in my personal endeavors, squashed by fuel prices, current economy, and am finding that my basic local areas to be truly priceless, as well! How much I have missed, me getting out to ride, date back a very long time! I still, like to think, another Dirt Week, would be MOST enjoyable! And I would GLADLY, push our currant, seemingly stalled rain front, to go west, not likely, east it will go, very slowly, at best. Next time, gets all to brought up, again! Pics, video, like you have any SPARE time? Bob